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Is Your Website Mobile Ready? Why Have a Mobile Site?

You don't have to miss out on the extra exposure, sales and visitors any longer because Classic Web Solutions can help you create and optimize a mobile version of your website to give your prospect clients an enjoyable experience in browsing and buying from you using their mobile devices.

Web traffic from mobile devices

In fact web traffic from mobile devices has doubled up in numbers. The number of mobile web pages has grown as well. Experts predict that mobile internet use will soon surpass desktop internet use.

Mobile friendly website makes you stand out

This amazing revolution makes most typical websites perform poorly on iPhone, ipad, Blackberry and other handheld devices. Your traditional website is likely slow or difficult to navigate on mobile devices. This could lose you customers, in contrast, site that are mobile friendly create an average traffic increase of 27% and this is growing every day.

Have you tried asking yourself the following questions below?

When browsing my website on most smart phones or mobile devices;

  1. Does your site loads fast enough? (for at least 3-5 secs)
  2. Are all images or content loading properly?
  3. Can you read the text without zooming or scrolling side to side?
  4. Can links and buttons be clicked with a thumb?
  5. Is your location and phone number visible?

If you have even one answer of "No" out of that 5 basic questions, then you have to think again and try to reconsider having a mobile friendly website.

Here's the bottom line, having a mobile optimized website is a HUGE benefit to your business:

  • it gets customers where they want to go; in a much faster way.
  • it can increase sales, generate more traffic, and boost customer engagement.
  • it can give you an edge over the competition.
  • it can improve user experience, but also will save your visitors some money.
  • it can be a clear and easy way to promote new offers and information to both potential and existing customers/clients.

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